IQrouter – IQRV3 Self-Optimizing Router with Dual Band WiFi adapts to Your line for Improved Quality

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Price: $139.00
(as of Apr 12,2021 11:49:48 UTC – Details)

Product Description


Improve your Internet Quality with IQrouter

IQrouter is the router that can dramatically improve your Internet Quality so you can enjoy modern applications on all kinds of lines. Completely automatically.

Smooth conference calls with IQrouterSmooth conference calls with IQrouter

Automatically and Continuously Adapts

We focus on taking whatever speed your line can deliver and make it usable for all devices in your home. Making intelligent allocations so priority activities, like voice calls, always are clear and steady.

Enjoy improved results with reliable streaming, low-latency gaming, and smooth sharing of your line capacity amongst the ever-growing number of devices in the home with the IQrouter’s smart and fair traffic management.

IQrouter automatically and continually adapts to your line to deliver optimized results for better Internet quality. Using our patented solutions, it self-optimizes at all times to ensure low-latency performance.









Improved WiFi

IQrouter has both bufferbloat for WiFi mitigation as well as Airtime Fairness algorithms to improve the usability of WiFi for all applications and devices.

Low-lag gaming

Highly latency-sensitive traffic truly benefits from the automatically prioritization. Even when other apps are straining the line.

Smooth streaming

Enjoy streaming content with no interruptions

Eliminates congestion

Fairness is applied to traffic at the level of each local device and each remote service to ensure no single one can consume the majority of the line capacity when others need it.

You always have the best possible Internet Quality.


Work from home

You can work from home, even on ‘slow’ lines, and be able to reliably perform all modern internet activities.

Enjoy clear voice calls over WiFi-calling, Skype, video-conferencing or using messaging apps

Simple setup

Customers praise our simple setup process that gets you up and running securely within minutes.


Continually adjusts settings to maintain lowest possible latencies so gaming, VoIP and regular Internet activities all function smoothly, even when the line is fully loaded. Enjoy smooth dual-band WiFi.


Security is enforced with unique logins and defaults to secure WiFi (WPA-2), built using latest underlying components.

Detailed reporting

Comprehensive line monitoring and Dashboard reports document line issues so you can work with the ISP on resolution. Track actual capacity usage by hour to understand demand.


Reliably work from home with the first self-optimizing router that automatically and continually adapts to your line
Fixes bufferbloat, delivering high quality low-latency Internet for better gaming and streaming
Smooth, low-latency dual-band WiFi supports AC as well as a/b/g/n
Excellent VoIP, Skype and WiFi calling performance
Ideal for bandwidth-limited lines, works with any connectivity up to 350Mbps. Faster lines supported when download has low-latency, works on Gigabit service.

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IQrouter – IQRV3 Self-Optimizing Router with Dual Band WiFi adapts to Your line for Improved Quality

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